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Cycling Tuscany Tour
Women's Quest

Castagneto Carducci and Pienza, Italy
Bike, yoga, amazing dining, exploring quaint villages, swimming in the calm sea, creative projects, art tour, cooking demonstration
Campostrello Sport and Fattoria De Colle
Ability Level:
Beginner to Advanced
Women Only (solo or groups) and Co-ed trips available.

womans world travel  

Request More Journey InformationCycling Tuscany Tour

Seven days of cycling, yoga, fun, and spirited adventures in the magical heart of Tuscany. Cycle quiet backroads through the Tuscan wine country, with expert instruction and guidance for all activities.  

About Women's Quest

Founded in 1992 by Colleen Cannon, Women's Quest is the ultimate adventure to refresh your spirit, rekindle your passions and strike balance in your life.  Women's Quest's female staff has designed a unique and powerful approach to helping you make the most of your one wild and precious life. 

Been There!
"Besides over-the-top scenery, stellar rides, wonderful women who quickly became family, and, not to forget, great food and wine, what really amazed me were the incredible locals we met. From Rolando Stefanacci, a world-class sculptor who shared his estate, his art and his wisdom, to Cicca, a radiant and lovely cook who shared her home and cuisine with us. How fortunate I felt to connect with people who SO love what they do and where they live. It truly was a magical
journey!" -Carolyn, Colorado

What Else?
Visit magnificent medieval villages, discover the best gelato and cappuccino shops, hike along the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, enjoy the mindfulness of daily poetry and yoga, savor the freshest local cuisine, learn to prepare authentic dishes from local cooks, plus taste the finest wines, olive oils, and cheeses. 

* For specific inclusions, see the journey maker website.

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