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Discover Life Beyond the Everyday
Entre-Amies Getaways

Active Spa, Active Culinary, Cultural Discovery, Personal Growth & Discovery
Chateaux, villas, luxury accommodations that reflect the architecture and history of the region.
Ability Level:
Easy to moderate activity

women's travel choices  

Request More Journey InformationDiscover Life Beyond the Everyday

Entre-Amies Getaways creates unique travel adventures for active women wanting to safely explore interesting new destinations, take on meaningful personal challenges, grow in the companionship of wise women, and enjoy the best life has to offer.

About Entre-Amies Getaways
Entre-Amies creates unique travel adventures for active women over 40 who want to safely explore exciting cultural destinations in the company of an experienced guide. Our journeys are designed to provide the ideal balance of planned experiences and spontaneous exploration. Group journey categories include cultural discovery (such as Vietnam: The Pearl of Indochina), active spa (such as Biking and Spa in Bordeaux, France), active culinary (such as Walking, Biking and Culinary School in Tuscany), and personal growth and discovery such as this trip along the ancient pilgrim's path to Santiago de Compostela.

Been There
“Last July we went to Greece with 6 adults and 7 teenagers -- not an easy trip to plan! We did everything from staying in ancient Athens and sailing the Greek isles to staying in a cave room on a cliff. Every day was perfect. We were as busy or laid-back as we wanted. Chantal thought of everything.” - Sandi, Toronto

"I have witnessed Chantal's passion for travel, and she is one of the warmest people I know, always bubbly and full of positive energy!" - Deb, Toronto, Ontario

What Else?
“I have seen and experienced how travel can transform a woman's life, especially when she opens herself to sharing the journey with other women. Travelling challenges us to re-examine our place in the world and our relationship to others, and therefore brings us to a closer understanding of ourselves.” Chantal Farand-Viau

We believe that every journey, in life and in travel, should be embarked upon with personal meaning and intent. An Entre-Amies journey is an opportunity to do something extraordinary for yourself, reach beyond your comfort zone, learn something unexpected, experience the excitement of a new culture, and find new meaning in simple pleasures. We offer you more than a change of scenery for a few days. We offer you the opportunity to alter your perspective for a lifetime.

Entre-Amies journeys are designed to provide the ideal balance of planned experiences and spontaneous exploration. We will guide you to some of the more authentic, out-of-the way local scenes and events each destination has to offer. But the real journey begins when you allow your curiosity to lead you. We invite you to immerse yourself in the local scene and allow the sounds of music or the savoury scents of the local cuisine carry you to your next adventure.

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that your travel experience is delightfully effortless from start to finish. We specialize in providing safe travel adventures for women who enjoy adventure, but want to leave the dozens of trip planning details to someone else. We travel in small, intimate groups so that friends and friends-to-be can share their experiences in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. All group tours are personally hosted by your Travel Advisor Chantal Farand-Viau, who is fluent in both French and English.

* For specific inclusions, see the journey maker website, click here.

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